Call of Dragons Guide for Every New Player

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The Rise of Kingdoms creators once again impressed the gaming community when they introduced a new game, Call of Dragons. The game has piqued the interest of gamers. For sure you have already downloaded the game.

It is tempting to just start playing, but it is still best if you know what to expect. Learn some tips to quickly progress in the game. You can go here because this guide can help kickstart your gaming journey.

Level it Up!

You need to level up your Honor Level. Higher levels are stronger. You also receive more rewards and game advantages. To level up, you need to complete tasks and objections in the game. Finish as many missions as possible. The goal is to level up quickly.

Using Call of Dragons Bot

Have a Second Builder

You need to unlock your second builder as soon as you can. If you unlock two builders, you can construct and improve two structures at the same time. Having a second builder will save you a lot of resources.

Keep Harvesting Resources

There are different resources that you can gather – gold, wood, ore, mana, and gems. Harvesting resources will ensure that you have enough materials to complete building or upgrading structures. You also need resources to train troops and create techs.

Max Out City Hall Upgrade

Your city hall needs to be up-to-date with the upgrades. This is your city’s main structure and if it’s still at a low level, you cannot construct or upgrade your other buildings. Make sure that the city hall is at its highest level to gain access to other improvements.

Join Alliances

Having an alliance opens up several advantages for you. If you have an alliance, you can have access to better resources. They can also be your defense during enemy raids. Once the alliance option is available, do not delay in finding strong ones to be your ally.

Using Call of Dragons Bot

Avoid PVPs for Now

It can be tempting to engage in PVP battles. But at a lower city level, it is best that you avoid these battles for now. Level up and once you are stronger, you will have more confidence to win a PVP match.

Use Call of Dragons Automation Tools

If you want to keep your city moving even if you are not personally playing, you can start using game bots. Call of Dragons game bot can help do various tasks. The bot comes with features that automate different actions which saves you time and effort. Repetitive tasks can be boring and time-consuming. So let the game bot do the hard work for you

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