Growing Endive By the Phases of the Moon

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Scorpio Personal Horoscope

The May 5–6  Moon in Scorpio emphasizes the necessity of delving deep and examining our views on money, security, and life’s purpose. This is the second of this year’s five super moons. We all participate in the cycle of life, according to the Sun in Taurus. Every soul has an important part to perform. Nobody else can take your place. The present is you.

Truth and emotional truth are prioritized during the Scorpio Full Moon. Moon in Scorpio rules the hidden and essential aspects of a problem. All souls, systems, and structures must realign themselves with the higher calling of truth. The Age of Truth and the Age of Empowerment is upon us. Pluto, the planet that rules Scorpio, teaches us about power. power usage patterns. how we obtain energy. How we exercise our power and/or how we distribute it 

Moon Goddess’s May

There are a lot of people who think that God’s consciousness has a hundred dimensions. Amebas, for instance, have a flat consciousness. Two-dimensional consciousness is what jellyfish are. Since the destruction of Atlantis, humans have been trapped in a third-dimensional state of consciousness. We have endured suffering at the hands of the Cabal and the Illuminati for the past 13,000 years. The Cabal’s obsessions with war, money, world dominance, and its occult economy are mad. Our escape from this prison matrix is underway. In actuality, we are rising every day. Some people have already attained consciousness in the fifth, sixth, ninth, and higher dimensions. The lightworkers who are ‘keeping the space’ for humanity to awaken are those who are on the cutting edge. From the beginning, the light was ascendant.

Scorpio Moon

Moon Goddess’s May Transmissions

This full Moon in Scorpio is enchanted and strong. You have great manifesting and creating abilities. Stay fearless. Perform the magic! Use your might and magic to engender goodness and beauty. A new paradigm that is built on the power of love rather than the love of power is being born. The fourth dimension is coming into view. We are learning to express ourselves through our art. pursuing what we genuinely value and what comes from the heart. As a result, Earth will become heaven.

The Goddess of Love moves backward when we talk about love. From May 15 to June 27, Venus, the planet that rules Taurus and Libra, goes into retrograde motion. This will enable us to reevaluate our objectives, genuine values, and interpersonal connections. However, due to Venus’ retrograde motion, fulfillment can be delayed. Venus’ retrograde motion in Gemini provides a wonderful opportunity to rekindle old friendships and enjoy old joys.

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